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Commodity Trading Week Americas returns for its 3rd year, bringing together a stellar line-up of speakers, and a timely program focused on the issues impacting commodity trading companies today. Set in Stamford, CT, home of some of the world’s largest and most influential trading companies and just a short train ride from New York, this conference will bring together hundreds of delegates from across the commodities trading industry focused on trading, supply chain, risk management, hedging, regulation/compliance, trading digitalization, sustainability and so much more!

JUNE 5-6, 2024
The Stamford Hotel, Stamford, CT

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NEW FOR 2024

New Location: This year’s conference will be set in Stamford, CT, a commodity trading and technology hub, with easy access to NYC

New Content:
  • Exclusive content focused on Derivatives and Hedging, including insight into the regulatory environment, changes to the market structure, CFTC enforcement actions, hedging strategies, exotic derivatives and more!
  • Deeper focus into commodity trading technology, with a focus on how companies are using cutting edge tech like Artificial Intelligence in their trading operations.
  • More information on how commodity trading companies are prioritizing sustainability in their supply chain, reporting and trading technology.
  • Exclusive executive perspectives on the evolution of trading organizations, featuring business, technology and sustainability perspectives...and much more!

Who should attend?

Senior Executives, Strategy Teams, Heads of Trading, Risk, Sustainability, and IT/Digital Transformation

· Traders, Analysts, Risk Practitioners (Trading, Credit, Enterprise), Logistics, Back Office Staff

· Information technology teams focused on implementing CTRM, Analytics, AI, Blockchain, and other cutting-edge tech in trading teams

· Sustainability executives, carbon market participants, supply chain decarbonization leaders

· Commodity companies, trading companies, brokerages/FCMs, hedge funds, banks, exchanges, clearinghouses, regulators and more

OUR conferences

Informative presentations and discussions are combined with interactive networking sessions, alongside a robust commercial showcase of some of the top technology providers, advisories and service providers focused on the global commodities trade.

As we venture deeper into an interconnected world, the importance of robust networking and insightful plenaries cannot be overstated. Through a curated series of events, interactive sessions, and insightful discussions, this track provides attendees the unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and catalyze ideas that have the potential to reshape industries.
Dive into the pressing issues of sustainability at Commodity Trading Week Americas. Spanning both days, our Sustainability track delves into critical subjects like "Sustainable Trade Finance” and "The Evolution of ESG". Join us as we navigate the intersection of sustainability, business, and commodity trading, fostering conversations that matter.
Benefit from the invaluable insights of leading risk management specialists from around the globe. They'll unpack the major trends of digitalization, regionalization, and decarbonization, and explore their effects on risk management strategies and evolving business models. Further discussions will encompass the dynamics shaping today's commodity markets, today’s risk management techniques, and a focus on credit risk, among other pertinent topics. 
Our Trading Digitalization track offers a comprehensive look into the digital frontier of commodity trading. Dive deep into topics including cutting-edge CTRMs, algorithmic trading, blockchain advancements, the data journey, seamless digital transitions, and the transformative powers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Plus, explore the realm of data analytics and more. Immerse yourself in the innovation and best practices that are reshaping the future of commodity trading.
Delve into the core of commodity trading at Commodity Trading Week Americas with our specialized "Trading Risk and Finance" track. This dedicated segment brings to light the complexities of financial dynamics and risk management within the trading landscape. Engage with industry-leading perspectives on innovative risk strategies, financial insights, and the interplay between the two. It's an essential exploration for those eager to sharpen their expertise and navigate the financial intricacies of the trading world with confidence.
Step into the world of futures and derivatives at Commodity Trading Week Americas with our focused "Derivatives, and Hedging" track. This track offers a deep dive into the mechanics and strategies of these vital trading instruments. Engage with top-tier discussions on market, risk mitigation through hedging, and the evolving landscape of derivative markets. An essential track for professionals looking to elevate their understanding and mastery of forward-thinking trading tools.
This series of sessions features deep-dive presentations focused on the market dynamics shaping some of the most important commodity sectors.  Hear industry experts discuss the trends and pressures moving these important markets, including oil, gas/LNG, ags, metals (including battery metals) and more!
Plus Workshops, Discussions
and much more!
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Showcasing a lineup centered on the hottest topics in commodities, we present insights into navigating market risks and fluctuations, tackling energy transition hurdles, and embracing the digital transformation of the commodity markets. There's truly something valuable for all industry participants.
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Networking Opportunities

At Commodity Trading Week Americas 2024 in Stamford, Connecticut, you're poised for unmatched networking moments with industry peers. Through our meticulously planned networking sessions, interactive workshops, and engaging social events, you'll find the perfect setting to cultivate significant connections in the commodity trading sphere. Join us, expand your professional network, and unlock a world of fresh opportunities in commodity trading.
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JUNE 5-6, 2024
The Stamford Hotel, Stamford, CT
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